Bottom (left to right):
Sara Levesque – Event Coordinator & Director, Jenne Harris – Project Manager, Jennifer Rose – Owner, Event Designer, Anna Mintz – Office Manager
Top (left to right): Katie Pischera – Event Assistant, Graphic Designer, Heather Tapp – Event Assistant

We are a crazy combination of meticulous planners, designers, green thumbs, graphic gurus, organizers and story-tellers. We keep each other organized, we challenge each other, we finish each other’s sentences, we argue now and then, and even when we have been up for 24 hours straight, we still manage to find a way to inspire each other.

At the end of a very long event day, each of us shares the same overwhelmingly fulfilling moment. When all of the work is done, every last candle is lit, every flower placed, every boutonniere pinned and every grandmother seated, we stand back and take in the scene we have helped to create. It is that moment when all of the planning and design becomes the very thing that we live for-– an experience that moves us with a powerful story of love and family.


We believe

  • Beauty is often found in the simplest of things. Meaningful details have more impact than exorbitant budgets.
  • We should protect and preserve the things we find important, and our gatherings should be no different.
  • Community and story define who we are.  Celebrations are a chance for us to combine those into one amazing experience.
  • Gatherings should be made up of good friends and family, delicious food, and above all, great atmosphere. They should always tell a story.

Our Mission

To assist our clients in communicating their story in a way that is authentic to who they are and what they believe and to create a powerful experience that becomes a meaningful part of that story– an experience that will be retold for years to come.

Our Story

Salt Harbor was founded by Jennifer Rose, a scenic and floral designer who graduated with a Masters in creative writing.  Jennifer spent years trying to choose between artistic avenues, but always felt torn between theater, flowers, interior design, writing, and music.  As a child she would spend hours filling tiny vases with blooms from the garden, collecting paint chips from the hardware store, and rearranging furniture throughout her childhood home.  As a teenager she became set designer and artistic director for a few community theater programs in Ohio.  She moved to Wilmington in 2003 and began working for local florists.  It was there that she began to recognize that events and weddings were often pieced together by a series of vendors who had little communication between them.  When she founded Salt Harbor in 2007, Jennifer hoped to offer an alternative and provide one cohesive design from start to finish.  She quickly realized that clients loved not only the idea of someone to make sure all of the details worked together, but also someone who could help them tell their story.  The career became the artistic outlet that Jennifer had always searched for, one able to encompass so many of her creative loves– story, color, flowers, paper, design, texture, and gatherings.

In fall of 2007, when Jennifer was still designing out of her garage and in desperate need of help, Anna Mintz joined Salt Harbor and quickly became Jennifer’s organizational godsend.  Anna finished her business management degree the following year and started working full time for Salt Harbor.  She is now office manager, running all of the logistical pieces of the business from estimates to scheduling.  She is an organizational genius and expert manager.

Jenne Harris and Jennifer met in 2005 while working for a Wilmington flower shop.  Throughout her adolescence and early adulthood Jenne worked in a family-owned florist for years, and when Jennifer started Salt Harbor, she was always the first call whenever a huge job was booked.  For a long time, she was affectionately known as the “pickle girl,” coming to the rescue each time Jennifer was in a “pickle” (which was quite often in those initial years). Now she is a full time fixture at the studio and can always be found among the flowers during the all-night design sessions each fall and spring.

While Salt Harbor’s primary focus has always been design, in those beginning year’s clients continually requested additional coordinating services.  In 2008 Salt Harbor designed Sara Levesque’s wedding.  At the time Sara was an event planner at a local restaurant and had several years of experience managing events for hotels around the world.  Everyone fell in love with Sara as a client, and at the completion of her wedding, she joined the Salt Harbor team as a coordinator and director.  Sara’s meticulous, thoughtful and extremely detailed nature made her the perfect person to round out Salt Harbor’s services. Adding Sara to the team allowed Jennifer to focus on design, while Sara embraced all of the coordination pieces of each event.

Katie Pischera and Heather Tapp both joined Salt Harbor as interns and are now design assistants, helping to prepare, set-up and design events.  They can also be found on site, working along side Sara during the events. Both have brought lots of talent to the team, from Katie’s web expertise to Heather’s tech support.

Since its opening, Salt Harbor’s work has been seen in Martha Stewart, Better Homes and Gardens, The Knot, Southern Weddings, Our State, Weddings Unveiled, Style Me Pretty, and Snippet and Ink.  Salt Harbor has also taken on many additional creative projects including, The Atrium, Pressed Cotton, and Courtyards and Cobblestones.


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