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In 2011 Jennifer was in search of a shoot location with Millie Holloman, when the two stumbled upon an urban garden tucked between the buildings in downtown Wilmington. They approached the owner who was the wife of architect Ligon Flynn, the architect of the courtyard, as well as many beloved buildings throughout Wilmington. The interior space of the Atrium had been his offices until his death in 2010.

Jennifer and Millie fell instantly in love with the building and moved into the space in April of 2011. It continues to be a magical place– one full of natural light, walls of windows, and wide-open spaces. It is the perfect environment for creative energy, and it is filled each day with just that. Among its occupants are graphic designers, photographers and floral and event designers. One can never walk into the building when it is not abuzz with ideas and creativity.

Jennifer and Millie decided to offer the outdoor area for weddings and events, and it quickly became a popular ceremony and reception area. The space builds in history and meaning each time a wedding is held within its walls. Many of the two’s friends have been married at the Atrium, and in November of 2014, Jennifer held her own wedding in the space.

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