Courtyards & Cobblestones 2015

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 Courtyards & Cobblestones 2015

Come experience our architectural and industrial inspired space incorporating copper and wood elements. You’ll also want to see our beautiful suspended cake by One Belle Bakery, enjoy our delicious snack bar provided by Bakery 105, sip cocktails, dance to the Midatlantic Band, enjoy each others company while sitting in a lounge furnished by Pomp, and have a photo shoot in the Truth Booth.

Come meet these creative wedding professionals and their C&C team at the Bakery 105 tomorrow Saturday 17th:

Salt Harbor Designs
Millie Holloman Photography
One Belle Bakery
Green Hope Productions
Truth Booth
Midatlantic Band
Wilmington Trolley Co.
Reeds Jewelers
Pomp event Furnishings
Party Suppliers & Rentals
High Performance Lighting

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How It All Started

In 2012 Jennifer joined forces with several local Wilmington vendors to establish an alternative to the traditional bridal expo. They wanted to create an experience for brides that was low-pressure and enjoyable. They also wanted to provide a way for vendors to better showcase their talent. The result was Courtyards and Cobblestones, a walking tour through several of downtown Wilmington’s wedding venues. Each venue is assigned to one designer so that the overall appearance of each space is cohesive. Brides are able to explore each space at their own pace, sample food and drinks, meet with vendors, and enjoy local entertainment. Courtyards and Cobblestones has quickly become the most sought after show among wedding vendors, and it remains a very selective group of the most talented vendors who participate each January.

Our New Website & More


So much has been happening at Salt Harbor Designs! Sadly, we have not had much time to blog in the last few years. Between starting Pressed Cotton, moving into the Atrium, establishing Courtyards and Cobblestones, and continuing to grow as a company, it has been a whirlwind adventure. We have loved every moment, but it has left our website and blog lacking attention. We decided it was time for a much needed website overhaul. We started last January, but only recently have we had the time to finish putting together our portfolio images and rounding up publications. Our own Katie has spent countless hours putting together the pages of our new website, and we are so excited to show you! We promise to be better bloggers, posters, and pinners this year!

It is an overwhelming experience to look back at all of our weddings, shoots, and publications. Behind each set of photos is hundreds of hours of planning, loads of funny stories, a few chaotic moments and sleepless nights, and the creative collaboration of a lot of people. It is amazing that one meeting at our office builds into an event filled with so many details and moments–an event that becomes an experience everyone will remember forever.

We are so grateful for those around us– the vendors and workers who spend weekend after weekend in the heat and rain and wind and cold to make these events happen. We are incredibly grateful for the photographers and videographers who capture and share these weekends. And we are beyond grateful of all of the clients who trust us with their stories and one of the most meaningful moments of their lives! Thank you to each and every one of you.  We could not do what we do without you!

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